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Miss Bates - 10 May 2024

Well done year 6 for A brilliant week!
We have had a busy week in preparation for our upcoming SATs and the children have been working extremely hard for these.

Important notes:
Monday 13th May:
GPS paper 1 - Grammar (45 minutes)
GPS paper 2 – Spelling (20 unseen words)
Tuesday 14th May:
Comprehension paper (60 minutes)
Wednesday 15th May:
Maths paper 1 – Arithmetic (30 minutes)
Maths paper 2 – Reasoning 1 (40 minutes)
Thursday 16th May:
Maths paper 3 – Reasoning 2 (40 minutes)
The children will sit these exams on the above dates. The exams will take place in the morning and on days with two exams, children will be finished before lunch time.
FOB are kindly offering ‘SATs Breakfast’ from Monday 13th – Thursday 16th from 8am. Please encourage children to attend each morning as this is a chance for the children to relax, talk with their friends and prepare for their SATs.

I have sent home some grammar worksheets as this will be the first SAT they sit, I do not need to see this homework handed back in – answers have been sent home with this to self-mark.

I am so proud of how hard year 6 have been working and this weekend is the final push before they can take their foot off of the pedal. That being said, please ensure there is time spent away from work/ revising this weekend to allow for relaxation time. 

Note: Swimming will still take place Friday morning.

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