The language of mathematics is international. The basic skills of mathematics are vital for the life opportunities of our children. Our aim is for all children to think mathematically, enabling them to reason, solve problems and assess risk in a range of contexts.

At Brady Primary School our curated mastery approach has been developed to ensure every child can achieve excellence in mathematics. Children can experience a sense of pride and achievement as they solve a problem for the first time, discover different solutions and make links between different areas of mathematics. It provides pupils with a deep understanding of the subject through a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. This ensures pupils fully understand what they are learning.

We understand the significance that a fun, deep and broad mathematics education can have on outcomes for children both now and in their future. Like many other schools we follow the White Rose Maths Scheme of Learning (SoL) which has been developed by experts to build mathematical understanding through the principles of a ‘concrete, pictorial, abstract’ approach. We firmly believe that all children should have access to varied fluency, reasoning and problem-solving challenges in every teaching sequence.


In this stage children will use practical, physical resources such as counters, dice, counting rods, weighing scales and others to relate their mathematical tasks to their relevance in their daily lives. These tasks are a good starting point for all learners, irrespective of their current attainment.

In this stage children will draw and interpret diagrammatical versions of physical resources to help them solve mathematical problems. This is also where key representations such as the part-whole model and bar modelling are represented by children independently to solve a wider range of challenges.

The final stage children will experience each step of their learning journey is at abstraction. Here, the physical and diagrammatical resources are replaced with numbers and symbols to produce formal written methods that will solve problems efficiently.

How to help your children learn maths at home.
The following guides are written for parents and break down how each of the core elements of the maths curriculum is broken down. There are printouts and practical resources available in each guide for you to use at home.








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