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Mrs Shah update

11 Jul 2024

This week in English, we wrote the Little Red Riding Hood story using appropriate punctuations and adjectives. We then had a brainstorm in the class and thought about alternate ending of our story. We planned and wrote down the ideas how story could end, we will write down our own version of story in the booksnext week. Children came up with brilliant ideas.
In maths this week we are started our new topic ‘Time’ we learnt about appropriate language to describe time, e.g. before, after, yesterday, today, tomorrow…etc. We then learnt days of the week and months of the year and then moved on to learning about hours, minutes and seconds.
In DT this week we designed our own salad. Children enjoyed talking about their favourite ingredients that they would choose for making salad..
Please note
No school tomorrow on 12th July 2024- Staff Inset day
Year 1 Shared learning on Tuesday 16th July 2024 at 1.45 pm
!S class assembly  on Thursday 18th July at 9.15 am





























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