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Pupil Parliament

17 Sep 2023

Our Pupil Parliament is a key aspect of the children of Brady Primary school having a valued voice that is heard and acted upon.

Facilitated by Mr. Stephens, the democratically voted members of the Parliament meet over a lunchtime and discuss school improvement, what is working well and areas where we can improve.

Pupil Voice is a key part of our school's key priorities.

Our Parliament reflects the structure of the British government with key areas of responsility given to specific children who lead, manage and improve an area of school life.

Our Parliament is lead by the Head Boy and the Head Girl

Financial matters are lead by two Chancellors.
These ministers take responsibility for fundraising, budgeting and working with the Friends of Brady.

Education is overseen by two senior ministers and one junior minister.
These ministers reflect on our school's curriculum, our educational visit schedule and help teachers gain feedback on what works well and what is an area to improve.

Energy and the environment is overseen by a senior minister and a junior minister.
These ministers look for ways for the school to recycle more, reuse more and drive down energy usage.

Foreign Affairs is led by two ministers and a junior minister.
These ministers co-ordinate inter school competition and play an active role in making sure visitors to our school recieve a warm welcome and learn as much about us as possible.

Health and Safety is led by a senior minister and a junior minister.
These ministers ensure information about the school grounds and interior building's maintainence are fed back to the senior leadership team and our site manager, Mr. Hope.




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