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Miss Bates - 26 Jan 2024

Well done Year 6 for a brilliant week! I'm so impressed with how hard you have been working.

In maths this week, we have begun to finish up our Algebra unit by looking at the differences between an expression and an equation, as well as solving equations with both one and two unknown numbers. Next week, we will be starting our Decimals unit and will begin by recapping place value and how to round. 

In English, we have finished up our setting description with some fantastic detail and figurative language. Our next piece of writing will be a narrative (which I expect the children will enjoy as they are great at story writing). 

In science this week, we investigated what happens to a shadow when an object moves closer to a light source. The children were able to plan and conduct their investigation as well as record the results and present this in a line graph.

In computing this week, the children have been looking at blog posts and controversial topics such as ‘should animals be in zoos?’, the children were able to research this topic and have begun looking at how to present a balanced argument.

To celebrate National Geographic day at the school, Year 6 have looked at climate change. We discussed what this is and how humans contribute to this. We also looked at ways to reduce our carbon footprint by using public transport, shopping sustainably and eating less meat/ diary.

As always, please continue to read 5 times a week at home and to access TTRS. As of Monday, SATs Boosters will be starting, if your child has been invited to this, please ensure they arrive at the gate for 8:00am, on their scheduled day/ days, where they will be collected by a member of staff. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and will see you back on Monday!


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