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Miss Bates - 03 Nov 2023

Well done year 6 for a brilliant week!
We have started back at school with our new topic of Frozen Kingdoms. Our core text for Shared reading is ‘Fighting to Survive the Polar Regions’ which is a collection of different explorers and their experiences within the Polar Regions. We have started off by looking at the tale of Douglas Mawson and his journey to the northern cost of Antarctica in 1912.

In English, the children will be looking to write a non-chronological report over the next week; however, this week we have looked at using apostrophes for possession and colons/ semi colons.

Our new topic in maths in fractions, we have recapped our knowledge from year 5 and have begun to compare fractions with either the same numerator/ denominator. We will move on soon to adding and subtracting fractions soon.

In Geography, we have focused on the Polar Regions by looking at our globe, considering which countries are inside the Arctic Circle and how many degree north/ south specific places are, e.g. the Tropic of Cancer/ Capricorn.

In Science, we have started looking at our new topic of ‘living things and their habitats’. We have started off this topic looking at classification and have considered asking questions to differentiate different animals – we have demonstrated our knowledge of this by creating questions to classify liquorice! Some of the children also had a taste of the liquorice afterwards and have developed a strong love/hate relationship with it!

Please continue to read and use TTRS 5 times, for a minimum of 5 minutes each time. Just a reminder that reading records need to be dated after every read and must include page numbers, a comment about what was read and a signature from a adult.

Well done for a wonderful week at school year 6, I hope you all have a relaxing weekend!

Please see attached the spellings for this week, these are also on Spelling Shed 

  -Challenge words 8.pdf-  




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