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Miss Bates - 14 Oct 2022

Well done Year 6 for a great week, only one week left till half term!

We have been learning about 4-digit by 1-digit division in maths this week, and have started to move onto dividing by factors. The children have been working really hard during these lessons and can remember the steps they need to take to multiply and divide accurately.
It would be great for the children to practice their timestables at home on Timestables Rockstars - any children who couldn't remember their login have been sent home with it today.

In English, the children have been writing a first-person narrative of the 'Street Child', looking at descriptive language and using our key skill of expanded noun phrases. The children have produced some lovely descriptive writing and should all be proud of themselves.

The children enjoyed using 'MicroBit' to make a code in computing this week, carefully following the instructions step by step and problem solving when they had made a mistake. They liked being able to make a code which played music on command. 

During their music lesson this week, they have been pairing their singing voices with notes played on a glockenspiel to create a beautiful rendition of 'happy' by Pharrell Williams. Very well-done Year 6 as we are all playing the right notes and staying in time with the music. 

We have finished our final piece for art where the children recreated an image by Lowry, using only primary colour paints with black and white to create the tones/ shades/ tints they needed. We have now moved onto DT which will link with our topic next half-term of 'Frozen Kingdoms', as the children have looked at design features needed to make a tent. 

New homework has gone out today (4-digit by 1-digit division), relating to our maths topic this week. New spellings have also made their way home this week in preparation for next Friday. You may also notice a slip of paper stuck into the front of your child’s reading record. This is just the expectations for all children in the school to be reading their levelled book aloud to an adult at home, 5 times a week, and the adult signing to say the child has done this. As timetables knowledge is so important during our maths lessons, it would be brilliant to see the children spending 10 minutes on Timestable Rockstars 5 times a week. 

Have a wonderful weekend and make sure you are all getting some much needed rest!


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