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Year 6 are writers...

Mrs Zaayman - 18 Sep 2015

Below are some extracts from the children's writing this week. We have been writing in role and trying to draw the reader in with our brilliant opening sentences, ensuring that the pace of our writing continues to keep the reader hooked...

  The Day I Found My super power
Excited, scared, shocked- I had no idea what was happening! Blades were coming out of my hands and retracting! I couldn't' control myself anymore. The ground was far beneath my feet. My heart was pounding. I didn't' know what to do-I was only seven! The birds looked at me in shock. I had taken flight!
I struggled to get back to the ground, as I flapped my wings the ground became more distant. I took a deep breath and started to control myself, this was amazing. I started to speed up. Soaring through the air, I was a bird! I had a beautiful view whilst I flew over the sparkling sea!
Had anyone seen me? I wanted to go back home but where was I? What was happening to me today? Was I sick? Was I born like this? I was confused I didn't know what should I do? Should I go home, tell no one? I decided to keep it a secret, until now…
By Matthew 

Super Me!
Chapter 1
Anxious, scared, confused - the world span around and around – I was breathing under water! Had anyone seen me? Was I alone?
Shaking I emerged from the water. How did I gain these powers? What was I going to do? My heart was racing. What was happening?

By Lola

                                                        The Day I Found My  Powers

Uncertain, nervous, frightened-the screaming stopped, the rumbling stopped- I had banished the storm. I went cold. Had anyone seen me? Shocked at what I had done, I realised that I had a unique power that nobody else had.

All of this happened when I was only twelve years old. Of course, I was petrified! I ran home as fast as I could. Home was the only place I felt safe. When I ran home, I forgot something extremely important- my brother. 

By Hannah 
When I  Found My Super Powers
Excited, amazed, confused  – my feet lifted up off of the ground. I didn't know what was happening –  was I flying ? Did anyone see me? Was I alone?

The birds started singing. I was flying. My ears where ringing like bells. My heart was pounding. I lifted my arms to my head and I came down slowly. Rapidly, I ran home. I couldn't control my self.

By Jessica


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