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Year 6 Powerful Poems

Kenny, Year 6 - 12 Nov 2014

In Year 6, in Literacy, we have been learning about powerful imagery and how to use figurative language in poetry.

Please read our poems below and feel free to comment.

We are really proud of them :)

By Kenny, Year 6 Head Boy


Is it The End?

Rocking the boat she began to pull me in,

Taller and stronger she grew.

Danger was everywhere,

We must’ve done something to annoy her.

Dragging me in, I held onto anything I could.


She became more violent every second.

The boat was starting to tip over,

Waves crashing,

Thunder or lightning,

Rain or shine.

Today was the worst.


Treacherous and monumental,

Rain thundered down.


The clouds were a misty grey,

Waves ten feet tall.

She towered over us.

She was ready to swallow us,

Was it the end?

By Olivia Yr6


The Ocean

Her thunder crashed in the monstrous sky.

Her wild waves dragged me higher,

Trying to bite a chunk out of our ship.

She wasn't’t a calm little puddle anymore,


But a giant sea monster,

Trying to gulp us in her terrible ocean.

My calm beautiful dreams changed

Into a dark frightening nightmare.


All I heard was her whispering,

That this is the end.

The oars slipped out of my hands,

But anyway I tried to escape.


Her huge power was too big for our little boat.

The weak ones fell in her death pit

Only the strong ones could hold the longest.

Her claws teared the ship,



Parts fell in her demon body,

Making her stronger and stronger.

Us weaker and weaker,



…Darkness, cold, water,

She swallowed me.

I gently sunk,

To the depths.


I gaped for air as I floated,

All around was water.

I heard her say "You win,

But the ocean never surrenders."

By Marlena. Y6



He was calm. Still. Relaxed.

Until we came...


We didn’t mean to disturbed him,

But something’s...

Don’t turn out the way you want.


The waves became monstrous,

The weather became treacherous,

And we became...



We woke him,

I didn’t think he was happy...


The waves piled over us,

Drips of water fell into my eyes.

My men fell into the water,

As it came...



And Thunder.

The evil tag-team at sea.


I knew it was the end,

I grabbed the most precious,

Irreplaceable thing that belonged to me...


A picture of my mum.


I stood on my boat and,

It struck me...


The Thunder.

I was gone...

By Kenny, Y6


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