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Brady Superheroes

Mrs Zaayman - 12 Sep 2014

This week, in Year 6, we have been looking at superheroes and developing our own. Please scroll down to read the start of some of our amazing action sequences where our superheroes will save the day.
Enjoy reading, Mrs Zaayman.
The sky was a dark, misty- grey, the sun was nowhere to be seen and the wind howled like a wolf on a full moon. A girl, with strawberry blonde, hair cried out to the sky, screaming “HELP! HELP! Where is the woman when the world is in danger?” Suddenly, a boom box dropped out of the sky...
By Shanti,Year 6

It was peaceful in the house, not even a mouse could be heard. Then a horrible scream came from the room which no one went in to. “
Help please!”
“What was that it came from the room?”
“Help me!”
“Help there are ghosts in my room, help!”
By Skylar, Year 6
The sky was a misty- gray, the clouds covered the Sun, the town was as scared as mice; as the zombies came out of the ground. Their skin was rotten like moldy bread, it peeled off as they came closer, their breath smelt like a skunk and their teeth fell out as they said;
The Question, Dynaman’s arch enemy, wanted to bring back his parents from the dead, so he made a potion, that when you poured it on the floor it would release 15 zombies. Each and every time he poured it on the floor he hoped that it would bring back his parents. He released so many that they all became his deadly army to destroy Dynaman...
“Help! Help! A zombie is sucking my finger! I need Dynaman to save me!!!!” Dynaman heard the screams as he was flying over the town and rushed to see what it was.
“Never fear! Dynaman is here to slaughter these ugly beasts!!!” He shouted bravely...
By Kenny, Year 6

One day, mixed of sunshine and breezes, a boy strolled along the park. On the horizon the distant flapping of wings were heard. The boy studied the scene.
“AARRRGGGHH!” the boy screamed, “I need Tornado Storm!”
The dragon opened its mouth. A lightning bolt hit the dragon and a wild tornado swallowed up the fire. The boy peeped out from the hole in through his hands and took a sigh of relief.
The sky had returned to its normal colour and Tornado Storm came to comfort the boy.
“Don’t worry your safe” said the superhero.
The rampage of the dragons was no more.
By Perry, Year 6


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