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Year Five Update

02 Jul 2020

Hello Year Five!

I'm really looking forward to teaching you again next year. This is beneficial as I already know what your strengths and areas for development are. Our first half-term back will focus on catching up on things we missed due to the school closing, mental health, sport, art and socialising. Our second half term will be a return to topic work that we can all enjoy.

I have managed to call about half of you so far and will call the rest of you the next time I am in school and have a free morning/afternoon. 

The school is working hard to make sure that your parents get all of the Stubbers money returned to them - we have managed to get most of it. Mr. Nunn is currently in discussions about the rest of it. We don't want any of your families missing out because of something that was not in their control.

Our new classroom is all set up and is much brighter, fresher and generally more pleasant to be in. Our playground is more spacious and soon we will have an all-weather surface we can use for sports.

If you have completed Home Learning Packs 1-5 then you will have covered all of the necessary English Reading, English Writing, Grammar and Maths we were due to cover in Year Five. If there is anything you have struggled with or would like more help with, please do email me or let me know when we return in September. 

Please keep safe,

Mr. Stephens

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