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Miss Burgess Update 5/5/23

05 May 2023

This week in English, we wrote our invitations for someone from a different planet, inviting them on to planet Earth. We also recapped on our knowledge of writing a non-chronological report, we planned it and wrote non-chronological report about planet Earth.

During our maths lessons this week, we practiced multiplication and division. We practiced making doubles, adding equal groups and sharing equally between 2, 3 and 4. E.g. sharing 12 sweets between 4 children, sharing 9 hats between between 3 etc

In Science we practiced naming a variety of common amphibians, reptiles and fish. We learnt that reptiles are cold-blooded animals that usually has skin covered with scales or bony plates, fish are cold-blooded, they have fins not legs, they have gills not lungs to breath and that they lay their eggs in water. Amphibians are cold blooded, live on land and water, they lay eggs.

In Art, we got our inspiration from American pop artist James Rizzi and used one of his techniques, ‘layering’ to make a 3D picture.

In Geography we looked at maps, we looked at map of Rainham and our school. We also drew our own map of our school and wrote directions to get to one place from another.

Finally, thank you so much to all the parents and guardians for coming to King’s Coronation picninc!
Have a lovely long weekend!

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