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Miss Burgess Update 30/9/21

30 Sep 2022

Last Friday was inflatables day. The rain did not stop the children from having lots of fun on the bouncy castles. They really appeared to enjoy themselves. 😊
At the beginning of the week, Year 1 became astronauts and visited space! On their journey, they past many different planets and even saw some aliens! The children then used their senses to inspire their writing, thinking carefully about their senses. Also this week, the children have been focusing on using a capital letter for the pronoun I and using conjunctions to make their sentences more interesting. 
This week in Maths, Year 1 having been comparing groups by matching and comparing groups using mathematical language such as fewer, more and the same. The children were also introduced to the symbols <, > and =.
Other Subjects
In Science, the children have been comparing the changes that happen throughout the seasons of Winter and Spring. They thought about the changes that occur with trees and plant, the weather and animals that hibernate. In History, the children continued to learn about Florence Nightingale. They then wrote a fact file all about her.
Reminders and Notices
Phonics Workshop Wednesday 5th October – 3:00-3:15
For those attending the workshop, please wait at the main office where you will be collected by Miss Burgess before the meeting.









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