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Pets and Vets in Reception

Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman - 13 Feb 2019

Dear Parents and carers,
This week we have been learning about vets and pets. We have met Mrs Zaayman’s dog, Claude, this afternoon and tomorrow morning we have another extremely exciting visitor planned. 

Mrs Nicholls has taught the children all about being safe around dogs and talked to them about how to care for dogs.  Mrs Agates explained the role of a vet and together we have set up an amazing Veterinary Surgery role play area.

In literacy we have been drawing pets and writing sentences about them.  The children’s progress in writing is fantastic and most children were able to write at least a simple sentence “it is a dog/cat/rabbit.’

In phonics, we have practised in our small groups.  We are sending home our Phonics Workshop powerpoint, please look at this and come to us with any questions you have. 

In maths, we have been using language about weight.  We dished out some doggy dinner into the scales and discussed when the scales were balanced/the meals that were heavier than/lighter than.

We include some photos from the week so far, but please check back tomorrow as we will also add more photos of our next exciting visitor.
Kind Regards,
Mrs Divall, Mrs Zaayman, Mrs Agates and Miss Hunt












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