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A week of Oliver's Fruit Salad

Mr Hetchin - 10 Mar 2017

This week we have looked at the book “Olivers Fruit Salad”. This has given the children lots of opportunities to explore fruits from around the world and discuss the importance of eating healthy food.
At the start of the week the children looked at the fruit that you would find in a supermarket. They also became artists by drawing their own observational pictures of fruit. We are very excited to display them in class.
The children have also talked with the class teachers about why it is important that we eat healthy food and they then independently made their own healthy and unhealthy plates of food for a classroom display.
On Thursday the children were very excited as they got to try fruits from around the world including pomelo, jackfruit, guava and Sharon fruit. Lots of the children were adventurous and enthusiastic to give the new fruit a try.
In maths we have been learning about “teen numbers “ and learnt to compare the values of numbers by using the language of more and fewer.
I personally am very excited for next week as we are going to look at my favourite fairy-tale “Jack and the Beanstalk”.
Have a wonderful weekend
Mr Hetchin


 Trying new fruit with Miss Marsh

 Setting new world records with the skipping rope

 Practising our counting skills in Maths

Exciting catching and throwing games in P.E

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