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This week in Reception....

Mrs Divall - 26 Jun 2015

What a busy week in Reception class this week!

We hope you enjoyed the assembly and looking at your children's folders.  We were very proud of all of the children, who chose what they wanted to do in the assembly...and didn't they do it well! :)

This week in my phonics group the children have been practising a-e i-e o-e aw (as in paw) oi (as in boing) ai (as in rain) and are (as in dare)

In Miss Hopkins group, they have been practising ay, ee, igh, oo, oo, or and ar. 

In Miss Church's group, the children have been consoliding their knowledge of the 1 letter sounds (u, b, e, l, f) and practising their letter formation.

In class this week, we have been focussing on solving addition problems using small plastic bears.  A good task to try at home this weekend is setting out 2 bowls, and asking your child to count in the correct amount of counters/sweets to solve the problem you are giving them.  For example, 'put 10 yellow smarties in the left bowl and put 8 more in the right bowl.  How many are there altogether?'  Then encourage your child to record their number sentence on a piece of paper, e.g. 10+8=18

We have also painted our clay porridge bowls and made moving puppets on a story scene.  

We have tried out the new garden area, the bumpy slide is a firm favourite!

I hope that you have a lovely weekend.  We will change reading books on Monday, as children have sports day practise this afternoon and Miss Hopkins is out on training this morning. 

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs Divall

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