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The Gruffalo's Child

Mrs Divall - 14 Jan 2015

This week we have read ‘The Gruffalo’s child.’

So, what learning have we been doing?

We have been learning to recognise rhyming words and playing a rhyming pairs game.

We have been learning to recognise 11-15 (lots of us are still a little confused with 13 and 15 so please do practise this at home!)  If we already recognised 11-15, we have been looking at recognising larger numbers, making sure the numbers are the correct way around, e.g. twenty-one is 21 not 12 etc. If your child is working on 6-10, please ensure you practise this at home instead!

We have been learning to count on using a numberline.  We have rolled a dice and helped the big bad mouse to ‘jump on’ e.g. he was on 6, he jumps 4 times, now he has landed on 10.

We have made collages of the Big Bad Mouse, and mud sandwiches for you to try at home. :)

We’ve been outside in the garden creating real mud cakes and Gruffalo caves.

On Thursday and Friday, we are going to be doing a little bit of writing about the ‘big bad mouse’, using our sounds to help us segment simple words.  We are also going to be creating a new front cover for the book and continuing our work using the numberlines.

Please do read your child’s reading book at home with them.  If they are struggling a little, think to yourself ‘teach not test’, and tell your child the word.  Lots of the words can’t be sounded out, e.g. the, said, so it will take a little while for them to become familiar to your child.  Remember to be really really positive, these are big steps and it’s very exciting!

Please do tick or dot the words on the labelled sticker in your child’s reading book.  They just need to be able to read these sight words, they don’t need to be able to spell them all correctly at the moment!  If you want to practise writing with your child, then it is best to practise helping them with words that can be sounded out.

If you look in your child’s reading record on Friday, you will see that I have listed a selection of the words your child has been exposed to this week.  These words would be better words to try writing, if you want to!

We are reading the wonderful story ‘The Penguin and the Pinecone’ next week.
If you happen to have any pinecones at home, it would be really useful if your child could bring them in!  Also, if you want any extra homework to do with your child at home, how about finding out some fun-facts about real penguins?

Kind Regards,
Mrs Divall

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love to see the pictures of the mud cakes and the cave bet that was fun
Miss debbie martin - 14 Jan 2015 - 21:22
I'm working on working out how to upload photos ... Watch this space :) :)
Mrs Amy Divall - 15 Jan 2015 - 17:30
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