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Autumn Term Week 3

Mr. Stephens - 21 Sep 2023

This week we have been working hard in a variety of subjects to embed the skills we have been taught into more challenging work.

Please ensure your children are completing their times table practise on Times Table Rockstars and their spelling practise on Spelling Shed. Letters have been sent home to support you with logging in and where to find the work that has been set.

This weeks spelling pattern on Spelling Shed is: words with 'g' in that makes a 'j' sound.

Children have been set their 2x tables on Times Table Rockstars. We explained to the children that multiplying by 2 is doubling and dividing by 2 is halving. These concepts were taught in Year 1.

We will add in more times tables when the speed of them answering each question is consistently below 6 seconds per question.

Reading books will be changed only when we read with your child and are confident that they can read it fluenty (so no sounding out or breaking down into smaller chunks) and with a good level of comprehension. We will ask them very specific questions about the meaning of vocabulary, to recall specific facts from the text or even ask etc. There is no point moving onto another book if they aren't reading their current book fluenty and with a good level of understanding. These books are matched to their current, assessed phonics groups level so focusing on these is the best way to ensure rapid progress.

This week we completed our plans for our biographies based on Rosa Parks. Next week we will be completing our first assessed, independent piece of writing. Children will be expected to use co-ordinating conjunctions (and, but, so etc), subordinating conjunctions (because, if, that, when etc) and past tense verbs. 

This week we have been partitioning in lots of different ways and learning to place numbers on larger number lines.

We created fact files about the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

Art & Design
We have been studying the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We learned to blend colours together to make different shades. 

  • Uniform should have names in. If items are lost we will be directing parents and children to lost property. Staff will not have the time to hunt for lost items!
  • Children can wear summer or winter uniform until half-term. After that point everyone must be wearing winter uniform.
  • All homework will be digital this year - please ensure children have access to a device that has a web browser or apps on. Logins for each service are stuck in on the inside cover of your child's reading record.

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