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Autumn Term Week 10

Mr. Stephens - 17 Nov 2022

The weather has certainly taken a dramatic change hasn't it? 

Thank you to everyone who attended the parent's consultations on the 17th November. It is always a pleasure to share the areas where children are making progress and have an opportunity to discuss areas of development.

This week we have focused on the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) element of the National Curriculum. We have been learning to recognise and write questions, statements and exclamation sentence types. 

Building on from last week, we have been adding and subtracting to and from tens. We have used the part whole model, base ten and algebraic representations to practise these skills.

Building on from our activities about what humans want and need, we studied the five main food groups and discussed the types of food that make up each part of a food pyramid. 

We begun our Christianity topic by discussing what Christianity is, who Jesus Christ was and by focusing on what The Bible means to Christians. 


  • Each child has been allocated a part for the KS1 nativity. Please do not send any costumes in before Monday 5th December as we don't have space to store 120 costumes for that long!
  • Please ensure that your child has a suitable coat in school every day. Please be mindful that some coats/jackets are rated as shower resistant and some are shower proof. The latter is better for children who may find themselves out in the rain for a sustained period of time, such as walking to/from school.

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