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Autumn Term Week 8

Mr. Stephens - 03 Nov 2022

What an eventful week!

This week we were we pleased to go to Colchester Castle as part of our topic, ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets’. The children’s behaviour was very good and they represented our school well. Based on the children’s expanded knowledge of castles, we will now be describing castles, building castles and putting the styles of castles in chronological order.

We have been describing castles and have written recounts of our school trip, being sure to write in chronological order and to use words that tell us the order of events such as ‘first’, ‘next’ and ‘then’.

We have been building on our number bonds to ten knowledge to add three one-digit numbers as well as bridging to make ten.

We begun our new topic based on ‘Animals, including humans’ with a focus on growth. In our lesson we learnt about the four characteristics that are vital to life and applied our knowledge to animals.

  • Thank-you to all parents who supported the children on our school trip and to those of you who generously put your names forward. Other trips are planned for this academic year so we may be asking for volunteers in future.
  • While we endeavour to hear children read regularly and move them on to their next reading book as appropriate, it is not always possible due to absences, trips or unavoidable time table clashes. We would kindly ask for patience in this matter.
  • Please send all tuck money in a small bag, purse or envelope that children can keep in their school bags until break time. We want to avoid children fiddling with the coins or losing them in class.
  • We have noticed an increased number of children wearing jewellery, nail varnish and other forms of makeup. These are not permitted, so please ensure that your child’s appearance is in line with school policy and rules.
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