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It's all about the data
15 Jun 2018
Rainham Marshes
07 Jun 2018
Royal Party
18 May 2018
I'm the king of the swingers!
10 May 2018
It's all about me!
04 May 2018
Another dimension!
26 Apr 2018
Welcome Back
20 Apr 2018
Chocolate nests
29 Mar 2018
16 Mar 2018
09 Mar 2018
Completed castles
09 Feb 2018
Colchester Castle
26 Jan 2018
Building Castles
18 Jan 2018
Testing Walls
12 Jan 2018
Welcome back.
05 Jan 2018
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
20 Dec 2017
Separating Colours
05 Dec 2017
Budding Chefs
24 Nov 2017
Our week
17 Nov 2017
Muck, Mess and Mixtures
10 Nov 2017
Mixing materials
03 Nov 2017
Grand Old Duke of York
13 Oct 2017
Musical Scientists.
08 Oct 2017
Our first full week!
16 Sep 2017



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Once upon a time

21 Jan 2017


 It has been fantastic to see how much the children have progressed with their writing this week.We are using the themes of traditional stories and adding our own characters and endings. I have seen adventurous adverbs, amazing adjectives, vivid verbs, super speech, perfect punctuation, confident conjunctions and contractions and spectacular spellings. Handwriting has been great too with children attempting to join their letters now.
In Science we explored the properties of materials inside and outside our school. We are learning some new vocabulary-transparent,opaque,flexible  and brittle.
​In maths we have been working on time and 5 minute intervals. I set the children  the challenge to tell me the time throughout the day and they have been very keen to tell me, especially when it is playtime!
​To develop their skills and techniques in art ,we are exploring famous artists. This week we looked at Gustav Klimt and we produced some very careful versions of the tree of life.  Well done in particular  to Ryan, Jessica,Tore,Kiera,John,Tadas and Joban.


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