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Autumn 2 update

04 Nov 2015
I hope you had an enjoyable October half term. It is hard to believe that there are only 7 weeks until Christmas!  I am sure that the children will enjoy this time as we are covering some new topics and of course there will be the Infant Concert and party!
These are the areas we will be working on this term.
Narrative-The children will be working on more focused writing in class. Those children who still need support with their reading will continue working in a small group with the RWinc scheme for 3 sessions a week.
 Literacy activities will involve writing in sentences and using interesting vocabulary throughout as well as the correct terminology. There will also be a focus on handwriting and the correct formation of letters and early joining of letters.
The children will be experimenting with poetry, character descriptions and settings.
 Children will bring home books and continue with guided reading to develop comprehension skills.
We will be starting table tests on Thursdays.
Work will involve calculations with numbers involving addition, subtraction and
early multiplication.
Problem solving
Counting in 2s 10s 5s forwards and backwards to 50/100
Doubles and halving
Data Handling
Our topic is ; Animals including humans and we will be exploring how 5 a day helps to keep us healthy.
We will continue with exploring Judaism and festivals. We will also study the Nativity
 from different perspectives.
Topic We are using a scheme called the learning challenge and our topic is :
Where would you prefer to live-England or Africa? Therefore we will explore maps,
African animals and culture and compare life in England to another area of the world.
This will continue on Tuesday afternoon and will be games.
Please make sure that your child does not wear earrings and has their P.E kit in school.
As the weather will be colder they can bring a tracksuit or leggings and a top to wear over their shorts and t-shirt.
We are using a scheme called Switched on Computing and we will be exploring games and how they work.
How can you help?
  1. Label all school uniform items with their name.
  2. Read with your child every day and talk about their books, asking questions about the story to ensure that they have understood their reading. There are example questions at the back of the reading log.
  3. Writing regularly like keeping a diary will help to develop their literacy skills and encourage neat handwriting.
4. Playing games involving counting, addition and subtraction and number recognition to 100 will help with mathematical work.
5. Spelling sheets will go home on a Friday and need to be filled in at home on Monday-Thursday, ready for a test on Friday. This is very important as it will help to improve their reading and writing skills.
6 Children should learn their times tables starting with 10s.
Homework will be given out on a Friday and can be returned to school and put in the Homework Tray any day the following week but must be in by the following Thursday. Every Friday a child will be able to take home Benjamin Bear and can write in a diary to be shared with the class.
School Visit. We are going to see Aladdin at the Queens theatre on 8th December. The children brought home a letter on Wednesday with details. This is very exciting and I am sure the children will have a great time.
School Website
Remember to look at the school website to keep up to date with what is happening in Brady and for other information.  Thank you to all those parents who have commented on the weekly updates and I hope these are useful and encourage the children to share their work with you.
Please ask me if there any queries about any issues that may arise.
Mrs Askew
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