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WOW Writing!!!

Mrs Zaayman - 16 Sep 2016

This week Y4 have completed some brilliant cross-curricular writing. Below are some great examples of some descriptive writing all about a city. Our topic for this half term is: Where would you build a city?
As I arrived I took a quick look at the perfect city. My eyes popped out of my head! I could smell the beautiful food from all the restaurants, grabbing me through the doors.
By Daniel
…Towering buildings stood tall in every direction. One street was as long as a blue whale. The smell of beautiful kebabs drifted through the air. Cars and motorbikes zipped down the road.
By Tyler
As I just finished my long bike ride, I was amazed by the humongous city. I could smell the different smells from all the tasty restaurants. There were cars honking their horns at everyone.
By Casey
My driver pulled up, I stepped out of the car and I could smell coffee. I was excited! There was so much to do, but what should I do first?
By Katerina
As I ran across the pavement, I saw enormous buildings. I ran and I felt the breeze across my face. I smelt all the food.
By Olivia 

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