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Last week of Spring from Year 4

Year 4 Gems! - 27 Mar 2015

Year 4 just before Easter ...

One morning this week, as we strolled into our classroom, we were stopped suddenly as we realised the Year 5 had barricaded the entrance to our classroom! They had invaded our land and we had to fight for it back ...

Science: We have been learning about sound, vibrations, travelling through liquid, solid and gas. We made some paper cup string telephones!!!

Maths: We have been converting 24 hour time and 12 hour time! We have also been reading analogue and digital times.

For Literacy, we have been writing folk tales to explain how certain inventions came to be! We have also covered prepositions for grammar. 

PHSE: We have been discussing spiritual and social well-being as part of our SMSC (social, moral, spitirual, cultural well-being).

This week was our last week of swimming, next term we will be having normal P.E lessons.



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