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Week 4- The Bog Baby went missing!

30 Sep 2016

This week in Literacy we finally got to read to the end of the story! The Bog Baby came to visit in his margerine tub but he was sick. We thought we'd get to meet him the next day but he went missing! So we all made missing posters to see if anyone could find him and return him to Brady Primary school.

The children's writing is coming along really well. Sometimes they need to be reminded of the "Golden Sentence" rules. (Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops). If you could encourage this at home too that would be fab! 

In maths we have been learning about doubling. We all now know that doubling means adding the same number to itself. We have been challenging ourselves by doubling the biggest numbers we can, with the help of number squares. We have also been consolidating our knowledge of adding on 1, 2 or 3 more. Next week we will start learning about shapes and how to use Venn diagrams. 

In children's homework packs this week we have included their spelling books as some parents asked about how they were getting on with their spellings. Please make sure these spelling books are returned every Wednesday with their homework before their spelling tests every Thursday. 

In PE we enjoyed making tall and wide shapes in the playground, and playing last one standing with the hoops! We are getting faster at getting changed and remembering to put all of our clothes in our bags so that they don't get lost. 

In topic we have been learning all about weather. Recognising different types of weather and matching weather to weather symbols! 

This afternoon is BRICS which all of the children are looking forward to. 

I'm looking forward to the maths workshop on Monday afternoon, where you will have a chance to see what your child is learning in maths, have a look at their books and what strategies we use to teach maths in Year One. 

Have a great weekend,

Miss Bhambra :)







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