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Mrs Divall
05 Sep 2018




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Our First Full Week!!!

Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman - 21 Sep 2018

The end of our first FULL (and busy) WEEK is finally here and what a week it has been!
The children really have had the very best time meeting the whole class and making new friends. We have started to get to know each other and some of the children already know lots of other children’s names.
This week the children have started to learn the sounds m, a and s and they have even started to write them. You will find that your child has homework in their bag that reflects this learning. We hope you enjoy supporting them to complete this.
The children also spent time selecting library books to go home. Please be aware that we don’t expect your child to be reading this book. Instead, this offers you the opportunity to sit, share and enjoy a book that your little lovely has selected- all on their own!
You will also have noted that there is a reading book for your child to read at home with you too. Please remember to complete your child’s Reading Record each time that you read with them and although they may not be able to read this, they will start to point out familiar phrases and draw their and your attention to pictures etc. in the book.
Alfie Bear has enjoyed his stay at home with different children already and he thanks the children for writing in his book and showing him so much love and attention. Do not fear if Alfie has not made it to your house yet- he will DEFINITELY visit all the children’s houses.
In Maths we have been counting numbers, recognising numbers and even looking for missing numbers. You could support your child this week by getting them to count out objects to represent a given number (1-5) for example 5 toys for the number 5- please see the photo below if you are unsure.

In Topic the children has looked been reading the book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and have gone on their own bear hunts and even made their very own ones. The children have also looked at non-fiction texts and identified the difference between story books and non-fiction books.




The children also took part in P.E where  they moved along benches in a variety of ways; like snakes, like bears and even like bunnies!!!




 Wishing you all the best weekend-enjoy!

Mrs Divall, Mrs Zaayman, Mrs Agates & Miss Hunt 



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Dylan has had a great first full week. He’s been telling me about learning “Maisie mountain mountain” and asks me in the mornings what adventure he will be going on today. Thank you for the updates!
Mrs Susan Martin - 21 Sep 2018 - 22:10
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