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Mrs Divall - 04 Feb 2016

 Hi all, 

Look at this amazing writing in Reception "Mr Wolf went to the shop and he made some pancakes. He gobbled everybody" - well done Liya!

An art teacher visited us today and picked out two fantastic illustrations: well done Daisy and Alfie Cook, your Wolf pictures are fabulous. 


This week in Reception we have been learning about symmetry and repeating patterns in maths.
In literacy and topic, we have been learning about Pancakes.  We read ‘Mama Panya’s pancakes’ and we found out about a little boy who was celebrating pancake day in Kenya.  We also read ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ and we drew a picture of the wolf and wrote either a shopping list for pancakes or some sentences to describe the story.

We have had PE on Thursday morning, where we balanced beanbags on our heads and had races.
We have changed our library books and our reading books were changed on Monday and will also be changed on Friday this week. (I know slight change of days for certain events due to Hall availability)

We have been assessed in phonics and number work this week.  Mrs Divall is busy collating the information and for next weeks homework you will receive a personalised pack of the sounds/words/number work that you can practise over the holiday.

This week for homework please find out with your child which animal they would be for Chinese New Year.

We will be learning about Chinese New Year next week.  Perhaps you could try some Chinese food or make a Chinese fan or Dragon? We are looking for children showing an awareness of similarities and differences between cultures. 

We will also be making and tasting some pancakes on Tuesday next week.

Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs Divall 

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