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It's Christmas...NEARLY!!!
Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman
13 Dec 2018
A busy week in Reception
Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman
06 Dec 2018
So Much
Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman
29 Nov 2018
Bye Bye Bog Baby
Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman
22 Nov 2018
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16 Nov 2018
Diwali in Reception
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
12 Nov 2018
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Mrs Zaayman
09 Nov 2018
Welcome back to Autumn 2
Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman
02 Nov 2018
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
02 Nov 2018
Happy Half Term!!!
Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman
19 Oct 2018
Mrs Divall
17 Oct 2018
Another great week in Reception
Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman
12 Oct 2018
Our First School Trip and More...
Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman
05 Oct 2018
This week in Reception
Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman
28 Sep 2018
Our First Full Week!!!
Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman
21 Sep 2018
Reception Newsletter
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
17 Sep 2018
What a week!!!
Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman
14 Sep 2018
Another... First Day Ever!!!
Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman
07 Sep 2018
First day ever!
Mrs Divall
05 Sep 2018




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The house that wanted a family

Mrs Divall and Miss Bhambra - 19 Nov 2015

This week we have been very busy in Reception!

Yesterday we had a fire drill and Reception were superstars! They remembered to line up and walk over to the field quickly and quietly. The adults were so impressed with the way Reception behaved that they all got a special sticker when we got back to our classroom.

In literacy we have been reading “The house that wanted a family”. We talked about different homes and lots of children wanted to live in a bungalow! We have been busy drawing what our own homes look like and sticking and cutting objects into house outlines. We can’t wait to find out what happens at the end of the story, and if the house finally finds a family that wants to live there.

In maths we have been learning about positional language (on top, under, behind, in front, left and right) and putting teddies in the correct positions. We have also been learning about days of the week- what was yesterday, what is today and what will be tomorrow. We’ve also been speaking about and sequencing our daily routines and what we do before and after school.

We have P.E tomorrow morning, we’ll be practicing our jumps, rolls and walking along the bench in the main hall. This afternoon we made toast (in the story the house is filled with delicious smells when the new family move in!)  The children really enjoyed this activity.  We also have been furnishing empty house outlines by cutting out and sticking furniture pictures.   




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