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Week 3 Maths Focus

Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman - 01 May 2018

Dear All,
This week in Maths we have been learning all about angles. In particular we have searched for and located right angles. Beyond this we have also identified if angles are acute (smaller than a right angle, 90˚) or obtuse (greater than a right angle, 90˚). As we are so clever we have even looked at triangles and we now know that in an equilateral triangle all of the interior angles (inside angles) are 60˚.
The children have really enjoyed this area of Maths and even requested that they continued learning about angles- so lucky you! You have the option of completing the given worksheet that will be sent home with your child on Friday. Again, this is not expected in- it is just a little aid to enable you to understand and share in your child’s learning.
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman

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