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It's all Greek to Year 3!

06 May 2016

This week in Year 3, we have been looking at Greek myths and together we read 'Theseus and the Minotaur'. This led to us getting a bit creative and creating our own mythical creature, then writing an information text about them! They were fantastic and the children worked extremely hard.

Here is an example by Alisha:

The mighty Greyson is a hybrid of a bird, lion and a snake. It has feathery wings like a bird and a scaly tail, a golden chest. Also it has very sharp teeth and it has the body of a lion. This fascinating creature can hypnotise people and turn them into stone.


Greyson lives under a lush green tree in the beautiful jungle with clear and fresh water next to it, which keeps him safe. He likes to explore dangerous and dazzling creatures. At night, his tail tucks under the tree and he sleeps. For one minute he hunts for his prey when he is awake. However when he is asleep, he keeps one eye open for animals.


Every day Greyson always has a range of food. Greyson also gobbles meet and large animals. During the night, Greyson steathily hides to spy on the animals and what they are eating. However, Greyson has a friend called dormlion and they don't eat eachother.

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