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Week 2 Maths Focus
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
24 Apr 2018
Natural History Museum
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
23 Apr 2018
Year 3 Maths and Tremors Homework Map
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
20 Apr 2018
Geology testing and categorising rock types
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
18 Apr 2018
Y3 - Visit to the Natural History Museum, 23rd April 2018
16 Apr 2018
Egg boxes...
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
10 Apr 2018
Year 3 Class Trip...
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
09 Apr 2018
Dance, Dance, Dance
Mrs Zaayman
16 Mar 2018
Good -bye and Thank You
07 Feb 2018
Fruit Glorious Fruit !
11 Jan 2018
Changes in Year 3
Mrs Zaayman
09 Jan 2018
The Ancient Greeks are coming!
23 Nov 2017
The Trojans are coming !
17 Nov 2017
Thank You
10 Nov 2017
Autumn 2
04 Nov 2017
It's Half Term!
20 Oct 2017
Hello from Ms. Savage!
13 Oct 2017



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Year 3 are investigators!

29 Nov 2015

I would first of all like to say a big thank you to all of the parents who attended parents evening this week. Year 3 had a fantastic turnout. It was lovely to share the wonderful things the children have been doing with the parents, and being able to see how much support they also receive at home!

This week has been a week for investigations for Year 3. In maths we have been learning about capacity. The children were estimating how much a container could hold, then learning to measure the actual capacity accurately. We were very impressed to find that one of our containers could hold a staggering 3000 ml!

In science the children have been investigating rocks. They enjoyed testing how robust rocks were with me in the scratch test, and used the learnpads to discover whether different rocks were water resistant, could float in water or scratch easily. Later in the week we also learned how fossils are formed. The children were very interested in this - especially when I surprised them with a T-Rex tooth fossil of my own! 

In literacy we have started a new unit. We are learning all about autobiography with the aim to write our own autobiography. We have been looking at blogs and powerpoints written by Little Red Riding Hood and thinking about what kind of information she included in her autobiography. On Friday we began writing our own Stone Age story based on the book we had read in Topic: 'Stone Age Boy'. The children ended their openings by finding a cave and falling...falling...falling... I wonder what will happen next?!

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