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Week 2 Maths Focus
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
24 Apr 2018
Natural History Museum
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
23 Apr 2018
Year 3 Maths and Tremors Homework Map
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
20 Apr 2018
Geology testing and categorising rock types
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
18 Apr 2018
Y3 - Visit to the Natural History Museum, 23rd April 2018
16 Apr 2018
Egg boxes...
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
10 Apr 2018
Year 3 Class Trip...
Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman
09 Apr 2018
Dance, Dance, Dance
Mrs Zaayman
16 Mar 2018
Good -bye and Thank You
07 Feb 2018
Fruit Glorious Fruit !
11 Jan 2018
Changes in Year 3
Mrs Zaayman
09 Jan 2018
The Ancient Greeks are coming!
23 Nov 2017
The Trojans are coming !
17 Nov 2017
Thank You
10 Nov 2017
Autumn 2
04 Nov 2017
It's Half Term!
20 Oct 2017
Hello from Ms. Savage!
13 Oct 2017



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Year 3 news

20 Nov 2015

This week in year 3, the children have enjoyed learning all about performance poetry. We have read different poems by the poet Roger McGough. We used these poems to practice our own performance reading and to learn how to use onomatopoeia and personification. Of course we couldn't let the week end without trying to write a poem to perform ourselves!

Below is an amazing example of the work that was produced. 

The Sound Collector
by Arsene

A sound collector came this morning
Dressed all in purple and grey
Put every sound into a bag
And quickly crept away.

The barking of the dog
The purring of the cat
The hissing of the snake
The squealing of the bat.

The popping of the popcorn
The microve yells "I'm done!"
The croaking of the frog
The tiger roaring fun.

The bath persuded me to relax
The gurgle of the drain
The chopping of the knife
To feed the family again.

A stranger called this morning
He didn't leave his name
Left us only with silence
Life will never be the same.

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