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27 Nov 2015

Handwriting continues to be a school wide focus at Brady in 2015/16.  Pupils are encourged to earn pen licenses in Key Stage 2 by writing consistently in a neat, cursive and joined manner.  In Key Stage 1 pupils focus on appropriate letter sizes and consistency in style.  Each term 2 pupils from each year group are awarded Handwriting competition winners and their work is displayed on our winners wall.


RECEPTION: Cameron and Lucy
YEAR 1: Aashna and Mia

YEAR 2: Dylan and Jekalynn
YEAR 3: Krystalle and Tommy 
YEAR 4: Saule and Oskaras 
YEAR 5: Grace and Martha 
YEAR 6: Ema and Hannah

RECEPTION: Italia and Maks  
YEAR 1: Emili and Chloe S
YEAR 2: Lucy and Adenike
YEAR 3: Kasparas and Katerina
YEAR 4: Pranshi and Katie B 
YEAR 5: Kitty and Michael 
YEAR 6: Lola and Razvan

RECEPTION: Ruby and Lucy  
YEAR 1: Aahna and Mia
YEAR 2: Amelie and Jekalynn
YEAR 3: Krystalle and Gautam
YEAR 4: Sadie and Paige F
YEAR 5: Ema and Rachel
YEAR 6: Hannah and Matthew

Last year winners:
Reception - Emili, Summer, Ben and Jessica
Year 1 - Daria, Aaron, Brooke and Dylan
Year 2 - Krystalle, Alisha, Evie and Kasparas
Year 3 - Jumaimah, Summer, Sasha and Oskaras
Year 4 - Michael, Grace, Rachel and Martha
Year 5 - Megan, Hannah, Jessica and Hannah
Year 6 - Natalia, Olivia, Kenny and Jasleen
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