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School Council Reps

School Councillors - 13 Jan 2016

 The School Council are going to write their own profiles for this page.  If fact, they did...but we had a technical hitch and they have not saved.  So we shall try again tomorrow! But it's important for you to know who they are..so take a look!

Year 6 
Hello we are Alfie and Katerina.  We are the Yeatr 6 council reps.  We are going to improve the school in many ways so don't be scared to come and find us. 

 Year 5 
Hello we are Tom and Kitty and we are the Year 5 councillors.  We would like to make the school even better than it is now.  We have got lots of creative ideas. 

 Year 4 

We are Brendon and Amaya.  We are going to ask for new books because some of them are getting broken and we will check that there is a basketball pump for us to upkeep all of our new equipment. 


 Year 3 
We are Skye and Tyler.  We want to help you at school so don't forget to come and find us if you have some ideas. 

 Year 2

My name is Dylan and I'm in year 2.  I'm going to help you in school.  My name is Daria and I am in year 2.  I want to help Brady to raise money. 

 Year 1
Hello we are Aashna and Shahan.  We will ask for more colouring for the little children and we have some ideas about things to fix. 


Hello we are Trinity and Maksim.  We are 5 years old.  Brady Primary School is really fun and we want even more dressing up clothes and toys!


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