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aspIre - I is for Interdependence

06 Oct 2014

BRICS?!  What is all this I hear about going on in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 on a Friday every fortnight?

Brady's Reception and Infants Co-operative Sessions - what a perfect example and visible outworking of this weeks blog title.  To be interdependent is going one step further than just independence (working on your own).  It means to be mutually reliant on each other, to work together to achieve a common goal.  Pupils at Brady work in lessons and out of class together to achieve common goals. This is best demonstrated in our BRICS sessions held fortnightly.  Pupils are enabled to free-flow between all 3 classrooms (Reception, year 1 and year 2) and the outdoor area, and encouraged to focus on one common theme.  Last Fridays theme was 'Our Grandparents'.  

The children made small gifts for their grandparents to say thank you for all they do for them. It also was the first time that the reception children joined with Years 1 and 2 to work and play alongside each other.

Brady Primary school truly is a special place spending time in a community that, from the youngest to the oldest, works together (interdependence) to ensure all enjoy and achieve to the best of their ability.  Why not take a look around the updates this week on the website and leave a few comments below, how has Brady helped you (adult or pupil)?



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