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29 Jun 2018
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16 Nov 2017
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13 Oct 2017



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A thrilling first week back

07 Jun 2018

Welcome back to school, I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday and half term!

This week in Year 5, we have been learning about volume in Maths. The children first used cubes to understand the concept that we can find volume by using 1cm squares. We then moved onto visualising missing sides in our heads to find the volume of 3D shapes.

We have also begun our new topic - Scream Machine! We started our week by watching themed rides at Universal Studios and planned a narrative based on the Jurassic Park ride. The children also created their own theme parks, creating complex keys so people could locate rides and facilities easily at their park. I was very impressed with the imagination of the children and how detailed their rides were. I was also impressed at how well the children worked together and showed good team work. Here are some examples of their maps below!









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