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29 Jun 2018
Week 3
22 Jun 2018
Year 5 visit a Gurdwara
15 Jun 2018
A thrilling first week back
07 Jun 2018
Year 5 visit Rainham Hall
18 May 2018
Beware, the Jabberwock, my son!
04 May 2018
Stubbers Photos
30 Apr 2018
30 Apr 2018
First Week Back
20 Apr 2018
World Book Day
09 Mar 2018
Off with her head!
05 Jan 2018
Christmas song fun!
19 Dec 2017
Phases of the moon
27 Nov 2017
Year 5 Visit to Southend Museum
16 Nov 2017
Sculpt like an Egyptian..
13 Oct 2017




Maths tips

16 Oct 2015

Week 6

Maths tips
MATHS: We have been multiplying by 4 by multiplying it by 2 and 2 again,. For example we did 77x20, the first step was to times it by 2 then times the answer by ten and you get an answer of 1,540. We have also been learning to multiply by nine a quicker way. For instance, 66x9 you have to times 66 by 10 which gives you 660 next you take away the number that you multiplied by ten which is 66.                                                                Mollie
This week in English we have continued our topic of ‘Animals on the move’. Year 5 have been researching key facts about different animals and their migration patterns. Children have developed their skills in skimming and scanning texts, along with retrieving information. They have been collating facts for a chronological report.
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