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Animals on the Move

09 Oct 2015

Class news week 5
Amazing art:
This week in art we have been working on Egyptian pictures. We have been making our own sarcophagus and we found it really fun! We made crazy patterns on them with water-colours and coloured pencils.
Michael and Rachel
Exhilarating English:
In English we have been learning about animals on the move. So far we have been looking at wildebeests and their journey to hunt for their food. Did you know that wildebeests have to travel up to 3200 km, it’s amazing! The other day Ms Kaur put us into groups of 5 and we made our own poster about a page in the e-book. I bet you don’t know what an e-book is? I’ll tell you, it’s an electronic book, and I bet you didn’t know that.  We love our new topic about animals on the move.
By Kitty Year5
In science we have been experimenting on hand warmers, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, balloons and glowsticks in a VERY exciting lesson ! One experiment was where we got a balloon, scoop 5 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda, get a bottle of vinegar put the balloon on top of the bottle (not letting the bicarbonate out.) Then when you’re ready let bicarbonate out into vinegar then … the balloon gets filled with carbon dioxide!
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