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25 Sep 2019
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Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman
20 Sep 2019





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Naughty Bus!

Mrs Divall and Mrs Zaayman - 30 Jan 2019

 This week we are learning about ‘The naughty Bus’ for Literacy and Topic work.  On Monday morning, there was a mysterious package all wrapped up.  We had to feel it, shake it, smell it to try and guess what it was and then write our guess down on a post it note to share with the class!  Many children guessed it was a bus…but the suspense unwrapping to see whether we were correct was so amazing that we ended up jumping up and down with excitement! 

We have made an amazing bus out of a huge box – and learn how to make complete circuits so that it can have working lights.  We have used our chairs to make a pretend bus in our classroom and had a great singsong making up verses of the Wheels on the Bus.  We have constructed a whole town for Naughty bus to drive around.  At one point in the story, Naughty Bus sinks in a pond.  We have been exploring objects that float and sink. We have also been programming Beebots to move around a town!

Our Naughty Bus goes on adventures around school.  He has also been out to break and lunchtime with us.  He drives our 3D shapes around.  Our 3D shapes live in 3D shape world.  There’s Polly pyramid, Cecil cylinder, Sally sphere, Colin Cube, Cuthbert Cuboid and Coney Conehead.  We have talked about the features of each shape (e.g. Colin the cube has 6 square faces, Coney Conehead has a circle face) and we have also made up some imaginative stories to support this learning (e.g. Polly pyramid hides on chairs, Sally sphere is a superhero….).  Ask your child if they can remember any interesting facts! 

We are holding our Class Assembly next week on Wednesday, it’s our first one and we really hope you can come to watch our 15 minutes of fame at the front of the Hall!  Next week, we are going to be learning about Chinese New Year and the following week we will move back to learn about the Emergency Services. 





























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Great pictures. Dylan was telling me how he was throwing stuff in a pond!
Mrs Susan Martin - 30 Jan 2019 - 20:42
Abi was very excited telling us about the crocodile clips she used in the circuit and telling us the names of the 3D shapes.
Mrs Michelle Wright - 02 Feb 2019 - 14:58
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