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Crime Scene Investigators

27 Nov 2015

This week we had an exciting trip to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Centre at Barking and Dagenham College.

Children were Crime Scene Investigators for the day, their task was to solve the murder of Mrs Jane Marshall. Through a range of activities children had to decide who was the murderer out of a possible 4 suspects.

There were three main activities the children completed.

One was the opportunity to find, lift and analyses their own fingerprints. Then children examined finger prints found at the scene of the crime and matched these to one of the suspects.

Another activity enabled children to develop and explore their knowledge on blood splatter patterns and apply this new knowledge  to investigate and determine the murder weapon at the scene of the crime.

The final activity was to become a Forensic Sketch Artist. Children had to compose an  
E-FIT of the suspect using the FACES software using a description provided by an eyewitness. 

Finally, having completed all the tasks children voted on who they thought was the murderer. Before the STEM staff revealed the culprit.







We all had a fantastic time and a great opportunity to learn lots of new skills. The staff at the STEM centre were very helpful, friendly and informative.
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