half term homework
30 May 2017  -  Pri: 05/06/2017
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06 Mar 2017
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09 Dec 2016
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Mrs Zaayman
16 Sep 2016


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half term homework

30 May 2017

Image result for james and the giant peach ending

​Children have the task of writing their own ending to James and the Giant Peach. They will start from the scene where James has safely got away from the cloud men and has confronted the "cloud" rhino...(a metophoric image represtenting his fears and death of his parents)

​A sentence starter for the children to use : The giant Peach tore through a cloud, and James and his friends could now see for miles and miles ahead. What they saw next was extroadinary and unexpected. It was.... 

Image result for Bar Graph Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

​For numeracy, chilidren have been asked to create a tally chart and record the favourite ice cream of their friends and family. They are to choose five flavours and have an 'other' category as the sixth option. Once they have collected enough data, they are to display this information in the form of a bar graph/chart as shown in the picture above.

​I hope that all the children and the families have aa fantastic half term together!

​I would like to thank every parent for the gifts and best wishes at the birth of my daughter. Your generosity truly touched my wife and I.

Kindest reagrds

​Mr Eden

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October Half-term

From Monday 23rd-Friday 27th October 2017 school will be closed for half-term and on Monday 30th October for staff training. Children return to school on Tuesday 31st October. Hope you all have an enjoyable break.
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