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Welcome back!

28 Feb 2016

A big welcome back to everybody, I hope you had a great half term.

This week in year 3 the children have been learning to use column addition method in maths! They have been partitioning numbers to add them using this method. This may be a slightly different method than some parents are used to, so I have attached a video explaining all if you wish to practice with your children at home!

In Science we have been continuing with our light topic. We have been learning about opaque, transparent and translucent materials. The children investigated whether they could tell if materials fitted into these categories by looking at how dark their shadows are.

In literacy, we watched a short film called 'Dragon Slayer' - a story about a brave dragon slayer who has a change of heart after he finds out a dragon he has just slayed had 3 (very cute) baby dragons! The children had to decide whether the dragon slayer should take the babies with him, or leave them behind - we were all convinced to take them!
We also worked on inferences by thinking about what the dragon slayer could see/hear and feel in different scenes. I was particularly impressed by Krystalle's efforts to use outstanding vocabulary in her work. You can read it below:

Walking to the dragon's lair

As the dragon slayer walks by the blacksmiths, he hears flames of fire and sees the trees fall to peices from wood to ash. He listens to the thud of the blacksmith's hammer making tools for him. He feels quite indignant that he is going to fight the dragon because he has done it loads of times and he is tired of it.

He has a fight with the dragon

As the dragon slayer charged to the dragon he saw his firm leathery wings and the dragon slayer's heart was in his mouth. He was very bold though because on his shield you can see has slayed lots of dragons.

Well done Krystalle!

I have been amazed by the work that children brought in for their homework project. Lots of lovely posters and information about the history of Havering and Rainham. Well done year 3!
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