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This week in Reception: Bog Baby

Mrs Divall & Mrs Zaayman - 16 Nov 2018

This week we have started reading a new book called Bog Baby. In the beginning we did not know what Bog Baby looked like and used the description in the book to make the image that the author painted with words in our minds. This is an extract from the text that helped us to imagine him...
He was the size of frog, only round and blue. He had boggly eyes and a spiky tail and I do remember he had eyes like a mouse.

What kind of creature do you imagine? Here are some of the creatures that the teachers thought of.

Below are some of the Bog Babies that the children made out of clay.



We also made a big book with all of our ideas from the story. Here is a couple of pages from it.



In Phonics we have continued to learn new sounds and as always please do check what sounds your child has been learning this week in their homework.
Maths has been really fun as we have been estimating amounts of objects by having really good guesses and then using mathematical language such as more and fewer to describe amounts of objects.
We have had a great day celebrating Children in Need and we thank you all for you kind donations.


Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Divall, Mrs Zaayman & the Reception Team

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Love this! I always ask Dylan what he’s done in school and all he ever says is “I played all day” so nice to know what he’s actually been doing!
Mrs Susan Martin - 19 Nov 2018 - 19:57
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